How’s this for a band intro – the formation of Cali Giraffes accidentally started with a post-show hijacking of Evan Dando and unintentionally led to bringing legendary Fastbacks singer/bassist Kim Warnick out of retirement?

Sure, it’s a great story. Not only is it true, but it’s got all the elements that leave us starry-eyed when it comes to music – fandom, mutual musical respect, naivete, hilarity, best friendships and late night liquor consumption. It’s essentially a grown-up Monkees episode, wherein our heroes write their own undeniably catchy and killer tunes.

Due to geographical issues and his own busy schedule, Mr. Dando – who named the band he started with Warnick and guitarist/co-consipirator/hero-hijacker Mikey Davis after that fateful initial evening – is no longer a part of the equation. Like any good catalyst, he managed to get the proverbial ball rolling. Now it can’t be stopped.
For anyone who saw Warnick as the voice and face of the Fastbacks, it might take a moment to wrap your head around this factoid – this is the first time she’s written songs and lyrics.


You can’t tell it when listening to the tunes she and Davis have concocted. Effervescent, effusive, confident and (get used to this term if you’re gonna spend more than a nanosecond around these guys) killer, The Calligraphers have arrived fully formed.
The chemistry between these two best friends is palpable and playful – and occasionally seasoned with black eyes and bruises. Think of it as playground-pop perpetuated by a couple of pals whose adolescent veneer masks some serious shit; cohorts who might go to a mutual grave with their hands at each other’s throats and huge grins on their faces. You'll be happy you were there to witness it. The soundtrack is - you guessed it - totally killer.

A full-length album is in the works. With Josh Freese (perfect Circle, Weezer, Devo) behind the kit on the new album, no less.

In the meantime, you’ll have to make due with the sugar-fueled adrenaline rush that these crazy kids deliver live.

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